What Do Your Car Tires Say About You? [SLIDESHOW]

Your choice of car tires says a lot about you as a driver. Just as owning a pool probably means you live in a warm climate, your vehicle’s tires send a message of their own. Here are a few common and uncommon tire options, why you may need them and what they say about you and your driving habits.


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Ultra compact car tires

What they do: Ultra compact cars, such as the smart car, may require different sized wheels for the front and rear axles, so keep that in mind when shopping for new tires. Since oddly sized tires are less common, you may want to contact your vehicle manufacturer to find out where the size you need is sold.

What they say about you: Tiny tires mean a tiny car, which probably means you’re an environmentally conscious person who values good fuel economy. Or maybe you just like smaller versions of regular things, like New York apartments and ships in bottles.

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