5 Reasons Renters Insurance Should be a Prereq to Living Off Campus

renters insurance for college students

You’re in college, living near campus, having the time of your life. What could possibly go wrong?

Just remember that neither you nor your property is indestructible – accidents can happen.

Here are 5 scenarios where renters insurance could come in handy:

Scenario #1

You throw a party at your place and give a friend the opportunity to impress a girl with his sweet dance moves. He slips and falls doing his best version of The Running Man – and lands in the hospital with some serious medical bills. Since the dancing disaster occurred at your place, these medical bills could have your name on them.

Scenario #2

Turns out the new girl you’re dating didn’t mention her boyfriend back home. When her boyfriend learns of the budding romance, he thinks that breaking into your apartment and smashing your flat screen TV would be the perfect revenge.

Scenario #3

Since your culinary skills are limited to dry cereal, your parents thoughtfully present you with a cookbook for novices. You brazenly disregard the instructions and cause a fire on your first attempt at grilled cheese.

Scenario #4

You oversleep and rush to class, forgetting to lock the door. You return home later to find your place has been broken into and much of your stuff is gone.

Scenario #5

Your favorite – and quite expensive – watch appears to be stolen, but you remember tucking it safely away in your top dresser drawer. The bad news is your roommate may be a thief, but the good news is your watch may be covered.

Maybe renters insurance hasn’t been at the top of your to-do list in college, but these scenarios may get you thinking that the protection and peace of mind it offers is worth it. Learn more about renters insurance options, which can cost as little as $20 per month – about the cost of a large pizza and a 2-liter bottle of soda.