What is TPMS?

Today’s cars have always-on technologies that help keep drivers safe. One of the most important pieces of car tech is TPMS, or tire pressure monitoring system. By alerting you to an under-inflated tire, TPMS can not only help you prevent … Continued

What to Do If You Think Your Windshield Is Leaking

Whether you detect the odor of moisture in your car or you see other signs such as fogged-up windows, rust stains or wet carpet, windshield leaks are one of those problems that can be a real frustration for drivers. Primarily, … Continued

How to Do Your Own Car Check Up

Regular car maintenance is crucial to avoiding any serious auto problems. While there are times when your car needs professional attention, learning do it yourself car maintenance skills can help keep your ride running smoothly and may save you money. … Continued

Is it Your Battery or Your Alternator?

It’s one of those annoying occurrences that inevitably happens to everyone. You turn the key in the ignition and the car won’t start. Is the problem the battery or the alternator? Here’s how you can tell if the alternator or … Continued

How to Replace a Headlight

Headlights are essential for driving any car safely. But they occasionally go out. Knowing what to look for when the front of your car goes dark can help you quickly remedy the problem. What causes headlights to go out 1. … Continued

How to Help Keep Mice Out of Your Car

Chilly days and nights prompt rodents, especially mice, to seek heat – often under the hoods of cars. Mice in your car is more than just a nuisance, it can be dangerous. Here are some tips on how to help … Continued

How to Find a Good Mechanic

For car owners, a visit to an auto repair shop can cause as much anxiety as a trip to the dentist. Who knows what unforeseen problems will turn up? It’s the reason finding a reliable, honest mechanic – someone with … Continued

How to Care for a Spare

While most drivers realize the importance of taking care of their tires, there’s one tire that usually gets overlooked – the one in your trunk. But some people assume that because they haven’t used a spare, that it can operate … Continued

5 Tips for Windshield Crack Prevention and Repair

All it takes is one small chip in the windshield before it becomes a full-fledged crack. Small yes, but you want to be safe. Here’s how to prevent a windshield crack from interfering with your safety. 1. Decide if it … Continued

5 Things That Will Kill Your Classic Car from Hagerty

Contrary to general perception, most classic cars aren’t fragile flowers. In fact, many are anvil-tough, particularly American cars of the 1950s and 1960s, built with real Pennsylvania steel and very little plastic. But even these rolling bank vaults can be … Continued

DIY Car Wash: How to Detail Your Car

Dirt and grime can build up fast in your car, from the broad exterior to the those tiny crevices in your dashboard. Luckily, with a few cleaning tools and a little know-how, you can get the same sparkling results as … Continued

6 Common Car Smells and How to Remove Them

Everyone wants to keep the new car smell in their car as long as possible. What do you do when the air turns funky? Here’s a look at 6 common causes of car odors and how you can remove them. … Continued

5 Essential Tips on Making Your Car Last

Just because you’ve had your car for quite a few years and racked up 100,000 or more miles doesn’t mean it’s time to send the car to the junkyard. The fact is, if you treat your car like your baby … Continued