The Secret of an Oil Change

Find out what regular oil changes do for your car. “Oil doesn’t just lubricate—it’s the garbage disposal for the engine,” says mechanical and engine expert Mike Arman. “Oil gets contaminated with metallic particles from normal wear in the engine, and … Continued

Drive Safely With Summer Stuff

Make your getaway fun and safe with these packing hints. As temperatures rise, so does the load factor on your vehicle. That’s the way it often works out, given our enthusiasm for hauling luggage, bikes and boats for that much-needed … Continued

Secrets of a Sparkling Car

Summer is the time to polish that ride until it shines like a mirror. That’s why we checked in with experts to find out how to get the best sparkle for your efforts. Here’s what they had to say

4 Fun Car Games to Survive the Family Road Trip

If you’re a parent, the thought of a long summer car ride has the potential to strike fear in your heart. It’s not the traffic or cost of gas that’s scary. It’s the prospect of keeping the kids entertained for hours on end.

Here are a few ways to make the miles go faster and create a little family bonding in the process:

10 Cars That Go Far

Take a look at this chart to see which vehicles are helping their owners save money

5 Memorial Day Driving Safety Tips

As the summer kicks off, remember these safe driving tips. For many people, Memorial Day is a time to celebrate freedom, in more ways than one. We salute the U.S. veterans who sacrificed to preserve and protect us. And many … Continued

Spring Driving Tips

The weather may be warmer, but that doesn’t mean the roads are safer for drivers. Now that you’ve survived driving in one of the most brutal winters in our nation’s history, getting around in spring should be a breeze, right? … Continued

The Right Tires for You

It may be the right time to assess your wheels. You’ve heard the expression “where the rubber meets the road”? It means the moment of truth, or the most important point for something. It figures, then, that your tires are … Continued

To Buy or Lease Your New Car?

That is the question. Your needs will help you decide. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. We can help you decide which option is right for you. Leasing typically means you have a low down payment and lower monthly payments than … Continued

Exceptional Service

Even off the job, Nationwide steps in to help. As a sales manager for Nationwide, I don’t often get the chance to interact daily with our customers. I’m on the road a lot talking to agents, and this morning was … Continued