Insurance 101: Life Insurance

Buying life insurance is an important decision. In essence, it’s a promise you make to your loved ones that they’ll be covered if anything happens to you.

Buying life insurance can be a complicated decision, too, because there are so many variables to consider. There’s no single solution for everyone, so think about what’s best for you and your family.

Getaways for the Whole Gang

Family vacations are more than just great fun—they can create a lifetime of great memories. This is especially true when trips include multiple generations. If you’re traveling with your kids and your parents (and maybe even your grandparents), all-inclusive theme parks or cruises could be a great option. But there are plenty of other creative types of vacations that offer fun for your whole family.

Treat Your Teen to Some Buxx

Teaching financial skills to teens can be tricky. You want to give them freedom, but you don’t want them to make costly mistakes. Nationwide Bank®offers an option that is like training wheels for smart spending—the Nationwide Bank Buxx Card.

Are You Looking for the Right Job Right Now?

With the recession finally over, both the unemployed and the unhappily employed are on the hunt for new opportunities. How do you determine whether a job you find online is a great opportunity or a career killer?

3 Ways to Travel for Less

Being on a budget doesn’t have to mean skimping on vacation. Getting away doesn’t require emptying your bank account. Try … Continued

Clean Your Credit

Find out how to shine up your credit score. Think of your credit report as a report card … and … Continued