How to Prevent Dog Bites

Tips for Taking the Bite Out of Your Friendship We love our dogs, and many of us consider them part of our families. But dogs aren’t people, and they need our help to head off or correct any behaviors that … Continued

Puppy Proofing 101: Making Your Home Dog-Friendly

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What to Know Before Adopting a Cat

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Protecting Your Pet’s Pearly Whites

Did you know that dental disease is one of the most common diseases in pets? The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that dental disease affects 80% of dogs older than 3 years. Good dental hygiene at home is essential to … Continued

Dog Breeds That Can Ruff it in the Cold

Of the 340-plus recognized breeds, some are snow-loving mountain mutts while others are sun-loving beach bums. Their pedigrees have evolved over a long lineage from all over the world and each breed thrives in its natural habitat. If you’re comfortable … Continued

Pet-Friendly Airlines: Which One Fits Your Needs?

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The Purrfect Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

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5 Essential Tips to Keeping Your Pet Healthy This Summer

Thinking about ways to get in shape for summer? Don’t forget your pet. Pets require good nutrition and exercise, too. And with summer here, there’s more to consider. From vet visits to insurance coverage, it’s smart to plan ahead so your 4-legged friend can put their best paw forward.

Dog-Friendly Vacation Ideas to Kick Off the Summer

Do you experience separation anxiety when leaving your 4-legged friend behind while you’re on vacation? Luckily, there’s a simple solution – plan a dog-friendly getaway. Whether you and your pet are beach bums or active movers and shakers, there are plenty accommodating trip ideas the whole family can enjoy.

5 Things You Should Know Before Planning a Pet Vacation

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