Nationwide Foundation donates $10 million to Nationwide Children’s Hospital for genomics research

What if we could prevent diseases from ever occurring?

Nationwide aims to find out by helping Nationwide Children’s Hospital conduct research on childhood injury prevention and genomes — the blueprint of a human being.

Imagine a world where a family can find out right away what’s making their child sick.

Imagine a day when doctors can take a DNA sample and not only nail the diagnosis and treatment immediately, but possibly prevent a disease from ever occurring.

While that may sound like a distant dream, we’re helping Nationwide Children’s Hospital make this a reality to the benefit of children everywhere.

The Nationwide Foundation recently announced a new $10 million gift for the Nationwide Pediatric Innovation Fund at Nationwide Children’s Hospital to help make significant progress toward important research in genomics, the blueprint of a human being that contains the answer to virtually every single medical condition. The gift will also continue vital funding of child injury prevention research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Center for Injury Research and Policy.

“We are proud of our ongoing commitment to Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the Nationwide Pediatric Innovation Fund,” says Nationwide CEO Steve Rasmussen. “This gift supports innovative technologies in medical diagnosis benefiting children in our community and around the world.”

The Nationwide Foundation established the Innovation Fund at Nationwide Children’s last year with a $10 million grant to the hospital. We continued that support this year with another $10 million donation, which brings our total commitment to the hospital to more than $70 million since 2006.

Right now, it takes an average of about 72 hours to analyze a single genome, which contains enough data to fit on 12 Blu-ray Discs.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital has already reduced that analysis time to about 90 minutes with a 99.999 percent accuracy rate through a technology called “Churchill.” This research innovation can analyze a human genome up to 70 times faster – with just 1 percent of the personnel and cost savings of up to 99.3 percent.  Because of its success, scientists at Nationwide Children’s have already shared Churchill with more than 400 academic centers around the world.

With this new $10 million grant, the hospital will be able accelerate their work to understand human genomes and to bring this knowledge into hospital settings so that it becomes the normal standard of care, to provide the best outcomes for all children.

“Our gift creates a pathway for making this powerful mission a reality for families around the world,” says Nationwide Foundation President Chad Jester. “Through this great partnership and shared vision, we have laid the groundwork to establish a national center of excellence in world-class facilities where important work is being conducted to significantly improve the lives of children.”