A company that cares about our veterans [Slideshow]


Nationwide’s commitment to honoring our members and associates who served in the military is just one of the many reasons why we are a company that cares.

Honor Flight Columbus recently took 98 veterans from all four branches of the military to Washington D.C. to honor their service and visit the war memorials dedicated to them. They served in WWII, Vietnam and the Korean War.

The flight was Nationwide associate Barbara Tucker’s first as a guardian. She’s spent the last six trips as a ground crew member.

“You think you have an idea of what it was like in Vietnam, but when you’re sitting and talking with gentlemen who have been there it’s very humbling,” says Tucker.

Eleven Nationwide associates volunteered as guardians and 42 served as ground crew for the Nationwide-sponsored flight. Additionally, the Nationwide associates created over 200 handmade cards with messages of thanks to the veterans on the flight.

“Nationwide is proud to be able to express our gratitude and appreciation for veterans’ service to our country through this trip to Washington D.C.,” says CEO Steve Rasmussen. “We believe our sponsorship of Honor Flight has created special memories for veterans and Nationwide volunteers alike, seven years in a row.”

Nationwide proudly supports veteran’s organizations in local communities across the country. We are committed to recruiting, hiring and retaining veterans..

Members of the military and veterans are encouraged to learn more about Nationwide by visiting the company’s career page, viewing potential career opportunities and submitting applications online at www.nationwide.com/careers.