Partnering to Help Save Lives

It’s a partnership that began decades ago, with the pledge of $250,000 to the development of a six-story main hospital building. While Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s technology, treatment options and facilities look a bit different these days, one thing remains the same: the support of Nationwide and the Nationwide Foundation.

The Nationwide Foundation recently announced a $10 million gift for the Nationwide Foundation Pediatric Innovation Fund at Nationwide Children’s Hospital — bringing the Foundation’s overall support to $100 million and paving the way for lifesaving care.

See the impact Nationwide Children’s Hospital is making on families

“The Nationwide Foundation has a longstanding commitment to helping the hospital provide top-ranked clinical care for children in our communities,” said Nationwide CEO and Nationwide Foundation Chairman Steve Rasmussen. “Our partnership supports efforts to attract world-renowned doctors and researchers who are making significant strides with innovative medical treatment for children around the world. The advances being made in genomic research are potentially life-changing, and it’s heartening to know that many children and families will benefit from this work.”

Thanks to the support provided by the Innovation Fund, more than 250 families have received clinical genomics testing, providing diagnostic answers in several cases for children with complex and previously undiagnosed conditions.

“We are honored by the Nationwide Foundation’s ongoing support and its dedication to innovative research and clinical discoveries that will have an impact across the globe,” said Steve Allen, MD, Nationwide Children’s Hospital CEO. “Their continued commitment has enabled Nationwide Children’s to become a pioneer in genomics, accelerating the next generation of diagnoses and treatment. The future of pediatric medicine is brighter because of the Nationwide Foundation.”

Nationwide Foundation’s giving history

In 2006, the Nationwide Foundation pledged the largest gift in its history, granting $50 million to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. This grant funded:

  • Capital expansion of the hospital facility
  • Program support for child safety and injury prevention, neonatal intensive care and the heart center
  • Five endowed chairs to help recruit world-class physicians and scientists

In 2014, the Nationwide Foundation established the Nationwide Foundation Pediatric Innovation Fund with a $10 million grant to the hospital to accelerate the most promising clinical and research discoveries; build upon our previous investment in injury research, heart and neonatology; and initiate our support in genomics. Each year since 2015, contributions of $10 million were made to support the fund.