Rush-hour risks: Staying safe during your daily commute

Our daily commutes are dangerous times to be on the roads. Heavy travel times like morning and evening rush hours, see countless accidents due to poor driving habits and significant congestion.

While we cannot control the driving behaviors of others, we can watch out for bad habits and ensure we don’t adopt them ourselves. Whether you’re driving home from work or heading in to school, watch out for dangerous driving behaviors like fast accelerations, hard braking and distracted drivers – even if their car is idle – and most importantly, stay safe.

Did you know?

  • Driving conditions during rush hour get increasingly dangerous as the week progresses – Tuesday rush hour is more dangerous than Monday; Wednesday rush hour is more dangerous than Tuesday. Friday afternoons see the greatest amount of unsafe driving behaviors.
  • Nationwide’s own data shows that accidents start increasing at 5:00 AM during the morning rush hour, continue to increase during the day particularly during the noon hour and don’t slow down after rush hour ends at 7:00 PM.
  • Afternoon rush hour has the highest rates of idle time – which is still dangerous as drivers are more likely to be distracted and unaware of their surroundings. Hard braking also occurs more frequently during the afternoon rush hour compared to the morning commute, but heavy traffic actually reduces the number of hard braking events.
  • Drivers hard brake the most on Tuesday mornings.
  • Drivers accelerate quickly more often on Thursday mornings
  • Drivers are idle in traffic the most on Thursday and Friday mornings.
  • Statistically, the most aggressive drivers are in The District of Columbia, Colorado, New York, Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Nationwide’s SmartRide® telematics program helps drivers learn about their individual driving behaviors. When drivers are aware of their own habits they can be safer on the road. SmartRide – an opt-in service that can help you save on your auto policy – rewards safe driving habits allowing participants to earn as much as 40 percent off their insurance premiums.

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Rush-hour risks: Staying safe during your daily commute

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