Keeping our veterans’ stories alive

Interior of the National Veterans Memorial and Museum

Honor. Connect. Inspire. Educate. These are the foundational pillars of the National Veterans Memorial and Museum (NVMM), an iconic cultural institution designed to celebrate the service and honor the sacrifice of our country’s veterans.

The NVMM, located in Columbus, Ohio, opened to the public on Saturday, Oct. 27. The opening ceremony featured military leadership, appearances and performances by men and women of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Reserves. General Colin Powell, a former secretary of state and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, delivered the keynote address.

Construction on 53,000 square-foot museum began in December 2015. More than $82 million has been raised, through private philanthropy and public partnerships, to fully fund the construction costs and provide the beginnings of an endowment, including $1 million from Nationwide and $2 million from the Nationwide Foundation.

“We are proud that Nationwide and our associates played an integral role with the planning and opening of the National Veterans Memorial and Museum. What is sure to be a national treasure, the museum is a tribute to all veterans regardless of branch of service or eras of conflict,” says CEO Steve Rasmussen.

The NVMM is neither a war memorial nor a military branch of service museum. It will take visitors on a narrative journey telling individual stories and shared experiences of veterans throughout history.

Nationwide associate Jason Dominguez — a former infantry squad leader with Lima Company 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines — is one of many veterans whose stories of service is highlighted in the museum.

“I first became involved with the NVMM during the initial planning stages while I was working for the Ohio Department of Veterans Services,” say Dominguez, president of Nationwide’s Military Associate Resource Group (MARG). “I donated my Marine Corps desert digital uniform that I wore in combat. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to tell my story.”

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Exterior of National Veterans Memorial and Museum and Columbus skyline along river

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