Nationwide IT Wins Application Development Award

Nationwide IT’s efforts to improve its software development process just reached another milestone.

Nationwide recently received the Watts Humphrey Software Process Achievement Award, which recognizes outstanding achievement in improving the ability of an organization to create and evolve software. Nationwide is the first company worldwide to qualify for the award since 2009. Although an award committee evaluates nominees annually, no one has qualified for the award in recent years.

“As an in-house provider, it’s important that we benchmark our services to make sure that our businesses and members are receiving the best value possible,” says Guru Vasudeva, senior vice president and chief information officer at Nationwide. “This award demonstrates that Nationwide IT is an industry leader in software development.”

In 2009, Nationwide set out to build competitive software development capabilities by embracing Agile and Lean techniques. A year later, Nationwide earned a certificate from the Capability Maturity Model Integration Institute.

Since then, Nationwide has deployed these practices across programs and departments successfully.

“Our associates have embraced change, helped us develop new practices and improved their capabilities to deliver the best IT solutions for our businesses,” says Mike Keller, executive vice president and enterprise chief information officer at Nationwide. “The software development process at Nationwide is far reaching, and this award represents an amazing team effort across the company.”

Watts Humphrey Software Process Achievement Award Past Winners

2016 – Nationwide and Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems
2009 – Infosys Technologies, Ltd.
2006 – Productora de Software S.A.
2004 – IBM Australia Application Management Services
2002 – Wipro Technologies: veloci-Q
1999 – Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma
1998 – Software Process Improvement Works!
1997 – Hughes Aircraft Company
1995 – Raytheon Electronic Systems
1994 – NASA Software Engineering Laboratory