Gas cap.

Why Gas Prices Fluctuate

May 30

Planning a road trip this summer? Depending on how gas prices shake out in the next couple months, that drive might cost more than you expected. When gas prices change drastically in a short time, you’re often left wondering who exactly controls the cost of gas. Continue reading

Magic Johnson and Matt Barnes.

Behind the Scenes With Magic Johnson

May 28

Earvin “Magic” Johnson, 53, talked easily with NBC4’s Matt Barnes last Wednesday in Nationwide’s green room as he waited to speak to associates as part of the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur’s Conference hosted by Nationwide in Columbus, Ohio, this year. Continue reading

Hurricane preparedness infographic.

Hurricane Preparedness Tips [Infographic]

May 24

Storm season’s just around the corner, and that means an increased chance of hurricanes heading up the coast. Don’t get caught off guard–following a few simple hurricane preparation tips from the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety and Nationwide can help protect your home from high-speed winds, hail, driven rain and flying debris. Continue reading