Fun Indoor Activities to Beat Winter Boredom

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Are the brutal sub-zero temperatures, blizzards and short days keeping your little ones cooped up indoors? Cure cabin fever with these fun winter activities for kids:

Get creative with a DIY project

Bring out the craft supplies and help your youngster’s inner artist shine through. Kid-made thank-you notes and birthday cards are personal, creative and cute. To make a flower design, for instance, have your little one simply dip their fingers into finger paint and press on a piece of paper to make petals and leaves.

Take a healthy cooking class

Introduce basic food preparation skills by teaching your kids how to cook healthy meals. They’ll learn how to read recipes, follow instructions, measure ingredients and establish good nutritional habits, while making tasty treats. Before you head to the kitchen, be sure to follow safe cooking practices.

Learn the value of giving

Have your children search their closets for outgrown clothes or toys they’re willing to part with. Rather than throwing these items away or waiting for your spring yard sale, donate them to a local charity like the Salvation Army. You’re helping the less fortunate and getting rid of clutter.

Get off the couch and exercise

Turn off the TV or video games and start moving! Doing scavenger hunts, participating in obstacle courses, even having pillow fights are a few ways to keep kids active.

Build a fort

On a frosty day, there’s no better way to stay warm than building a cozy fort out of blankets, chairs and pillows. Kids love to pretend that they’re in a secret hideaway, so let your child’s imagination run wild while they build their own creative fortress.

Don’t let the freezing temperatures put a chill on your winter fun. These indoor activities for kids will help keep the winter blues away.

What other kid-friendly indoor activities would you add to the list?

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