The Most Popular Baby Names in 2013

Baby and dad.

Popular baby names, like fashion trends, go through cycles. In the 1970s, bell-bottom jeans and the names Jennifer and Michael were popular, while in 2013, names like Millie and Ted seem to be making a comeback.

Take a look at the top five names for boys and girls in 1913, and then compare them with CNN’s projections for 2013.


Girls Boys
1 Mary John
2 Helen William
3. Dorothy James
4. Margaret Robert
5. Ruth Joseph

CNN’s 2013 Projections (based on 2012 searches)

Girls Boys
1. Isabella Jacob
2. Millie Max
3. Sookie Liam
4. Ann Ted
5. Ella Mo

According to CNN, a few old-fashioned names are coming back in vogue. Names like Millie, Betty, Max, Ted and Gus are starting to become popular again, as are “royal-baby fever” names like William, Kate and Diana.

For a full list of the top baby names of the last century, check out the Social Security Administration’s website. And let us know in the comments section if your favorite baby names made the list.