Why Gas Prices Fluctuate

Planning a road trip this summer? Depending on how gas prices shake out in the next couple months, that drive might cost more than you expected. When gas prices change drastically in a short time, you’re often left wondering who exactly controls the cost of gas.

5 Ways to Rid Yourself of Debt

Don’t let your monthly balances gain on you—take action. There’s nothing good about credit card debt. It’s typically the highest interest-rate debt, it offers no tax advantages, and too much of it sinks your credit score. If you are barely … Continued

The Right Time to Service Your Car

It’s obvious when your tank needs refueling or your windshield washer fluid needs replenishing. But knowing when to service your car engine or get the oil changed is not so straightforward. Finding a balance Complicating matters is the fact that … Continued

7 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Saving

Starting early can make a world of difference when it comes to teaching kids how to make sound financial decisions. Luckily, there are simple ways to help youngsters learn smart money management techniques. Here are some approaches to teaching the valuable art … Continued

Fix These Home-Repair Issues Now

Pay now, save money and headaches later. Even if you live in the house of your dreams (lucky you), there are always details that need attention. Some, like a paint touch-up here or a new light fixture there, can wait. … Continued

Teach Your Teen to Drive Responsibly

Remember how stressful it was to learn how to drive? Teaching someone to drive can be even more stressful—especially when it is your own child. But with a little planning and firm guidelines, even the most apprehensive parents can teach their children to be responsible drivers. Here are some key rules to establish with your teen

6 Ways to Banish Summer Boredom

“There’s nothing to do!” Kids seem to start this chant as soon as school lets out for summer. But with a little planning and creativity, you can create a boredom-free summer that will keep your kids amused—and your sanity intact.

The New Generation of Cargo Vehicles

Trucks, vans and SUVs leave their gas-guzzling reputation in the dust. The compact car trend may be perfect for parallel parking in the smallest of spots, but when you need to haul cargo, you need a vehicle that was built … Continued

Hurricane Preparedness Tips [Infographic]

Storm season’s just around the corner, and that means an increased chance of hurricanes heading up the coast. Don’t get caught off guard–following a few simple hurricane preparation tips from the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety and Nationwide can help protect your home from high-speed winds, hail, driven rain and flying debris.

Are Retail Cards Worth It?

Four questions to ask before signing up for that retail store credit card. “Want to save an additional 15 percent on your purchase today by signing up for our store card?” It’s the eternal question for retail shoppers these days. … Continued

7 Ways to Enjoy an Affordable Family Vacation

Looking for a perfect family getaway at a budget-friendly price? You do have options beyond the staycation or the grandparents’ house for a getaway. With a little creativity and planning, you can cut vacation costs without missing out on any … Continued

Road Trip Theme Tour Ideas

Winter is over, so it’s time to pack the car and head out on the open road to pursue your passions. Check out the following four summer theme trip ideas, all located in different regions of the country. East Coast … Continued