How Much Do I Need to Retire?

Less than half of Americans know how much they’ll need to save for their retirement, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The amount depends on things like when you decide to leave the workforce, the type of retirement lifestyle you’re planning, where you’ll live and your health. The bottom line, however, is that it’s never too early or late to begin saving for retirement. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Fun Things to Do During a Blackout

What would you do during a power outage to have fun? At one time or another, you’ll likely be caught in a blackout, so it’s important to be prepared – especially if you have kids at home. Here are some entertaining ideas.

5 of the Best Free Personal Finance Websites

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Budget-Friendly Brown Bag Lunches

Pack delicious & nutritious meals fit for grown-up palates What’s your lunch break style? Pricey take-out spreads from the trendiest restaurants in town? Microwaved frozen meals in plastic trays? The same PB&J that your kid brought to school? It’s easy to … Continued

Best Times to Buy Big Ticket Items

The best bargain shoppers know that timing is everything. Different products follow different cycles of pricing, depending on everything from holidays to weather to annual trade shows. Check out our month-by-month suggestions for the best deals and steals.

How’s Your Defensive Driving IQ?

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Prepare Your Home for Seniors

Make your living space safe and comfortable for older adults. Many older people prefer the comforts of a home over the transition to a senior living facility. But the truth is that most homes are not as well equipped as … Continued

Car Seat Requirements Cheat Sheet

Rear-facing seats, forward-facing seats, booster seats – the safety guidelines all start to blend together after a while. Here’s a simple lesson to help you navigate the age requirements, weight limits and various styles of children’s car seats.   Sources: … Continued

Protect Your Goods From Power Outages

4 tips to prevent electronic damage during power disruptions When the weather report predicts any type of storm, it’s time to prepare for the possibility of an electrical outage. Whether it’s the lightning bolts of a thunderstorm, the damaging winds … Continued

Avoid the Dreaded “Winter Coat”

How to keep your ride a “clean machine” during the cold months. It’s the kind of “winter coat” that you never want to own: a collection of mud, salt, dirt and other unsightly elements on your car. It’s more than … Continued

Vacation Travel on the Cheap

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Eco-Friendly Home Energy

A look at the most popular “green” options. For environmentally conscious consumers, there are more options than ever before to power your home with electricity you can feel good about. “Wind and solar are the best-known renewable energy sources,” says … Continued