4 Fun Car Games to Survive the Family Road Trip

Riders of all ages can play these classic car games with modern twists.

If you’re a parent, the thought of a long summer car ride has the potential to strike fear in your heart. It’s not the traffic or cost of gas that’s scary. It’s the prospect of keeping the kids entertained for hours on end.

Here are a few ways to make the miles go faster and create a little family bonding in the process:

  1. Barn, Bike, Beetle! In this spotting game, the first person to spot a barn, a bike (your choice if motorcycles do or don’t count) and a Volkswagen Beetle wins. Change the spotting items to work for your surroundings.
  2. Association. One person says a word and the next person says whatever comes to mind. Continue around the car for as long as you’d like. For example, one player might say “blue,” causing player two to say “water,” leading the next person to say “beach house!” The beauty of the game is that there are no right or wrong answers, and everyone can play.
  3. Audiobooks. Choose titles that appeal to all your passengers. If that’s not possible, consider sing-a-long CDs. There are a number of silly song CDs available as well as ones featuring kids singing familiar contemporary and Broadway tunes.
  4. The Silent Game. A favorite of parents, this game works best with younger children and should be reserved for times when tension is high. The object here is to see who can remain silent the longest. Establish a landmark goal for the end of the game (such as five exits away or your driveway) so that kids have a reason to hang in and play.