Alluring Accent Walls [Slideshow]

One wall can transform an entire room. See for yourself.

Here’s some good news: Spending on home improvement began to recover last year, when it rose almost 11 percent during 2012 to approximately $126 billion nationally, according to the U.S. Commerce Department. Spending on home remodeling could grow by as much as 20 percent in 2013. Yet, while redecorating is cheaper than moving into a new house, the price tag can often come at a shock, regardless of what the economy is doing.

If you want to bring a fresh new feel into your home, you don’t necessarily have to renovate from the ceiling to the floor. Often, changing just one thing, such as lighting or window treatments, can do the trick. For a more substantial change that won’t drain your budget, consider accent walls. They can often supply the same effect as a top to bottom makeover, but with less effort and at a lower cost.

Accent walls offer a variation on the traditional look of four walls painted the same color. They break up the monotony and draw your eye to a particular part of a room. Typically, an accent wall acts as a brightly colored contrast to the more muted walls in a home. Changing the color of a room is one of the easiest ways to revive any given space. But another option is to play with the texture of the wall itself. Check out the slideshow above for some creative alternatives to painted accent walls.

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