Car Tech for Kids

kids playing with tablet on tailgate of truck

Long car trips can be tedious for small children and hard on their parents. Fortunately, technology has made it easier to keep kids occupied on the road. Yet, knowing what gadgets to buy can be challenging.

Here is a roundup of some the best technology to keeping your kids busy (and entertained) on your next road trip:


One of the most versatile pieces of technology for travel is the tablet, which allows your child to read, watch a movie or play any number of interactive games. If media is downloaded ahead of time, you won’t even need a WiFi connection for your children to watch their favorite movies or read their favorite books. A host of interactive games are also available, many for free, and no Internet connection is needed.


Long road trips are great for listening to music or a book being read aloud or watching a movie, but sometimes everyone in the car doesn’t want to listen to the same thing. Thank goodness for headphones. Ear buds aren’t always the best option for kids – they are easy to misplace and get tangled, and some kids don’t like having them in their ears. A variety of rainbow-colored headphones are available, some specifically made for smaller heads and limiting the maximum volume so little ears aren’t hurt by sounds that are too loud.

Digital cameras

Help your child preserve all his or her memories from your trip with his or her own digital camera. There are plenty of durable options available in a variety of price ranges, and some even will shoot video.

Road trip apps

There are a number of free and inexpensive apps that offer fun games for the entire family to play, including FunBlast Trivia, and Karaoke Anywhere.

Interactive puzzles

If you have access to a printer, here are 36 fun and interactive puzzles for road trips, compiled by Discovery Kids. Games range from hidden pictures to a scavenger hunt to roadside bingo. Print them out ahead of time, distribute pencils to the passengers and enjoy the ride.

If you’re driving with children, keeping them occupied probably isn’t your only challenge. Check out these 10 simple tricks for keeping your car clean with kids.