12 Ridiculously Cute Puppy Videos That Will Brighten Your Day

March 21, 2014
a golden retriever puppy

Today is National Puppy Day, created in 2006 to raise awareness about orphaned puppies and to celebrate the unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives. Usually observed March 23, the day is being celebrated two days earlier this year.

It’s only fitting that today we share some of the cutest puppy videos from around the web. We know they’ll bring ahhhhs and smiles.

1. Gertie drinking water

2. Wolfie, the impossibly cute husky puppy

3. Mickey, the teeny tiny Pomeranian puppy

4. Cute puppy doing handstand

5. Boo, the cutest and smartest puppy in the world

6. Tobey the pug doing battle with a ball

7. Mini dachshund playing with a mirror

8. Belka, the howling puppy

9. Puppy attempting to go down the stairs

10. Cutest beagle puppy in the world

11. Cute puppy trying to wake up

12. Puppy vs. Cat

Do you have some of your own favorite puppy videos? Share them with us in the comments.

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