The Purrfect Holiday Gifts for Pet Lovers

November 20, 2017
gift for dog lover

Everyone has that someone on their holiday gift list: The person who’s head-over-heels in love with their pet. Whether it’s their dog, cat or bird, our gift guide will help make holiday shopping for your pet-lover friends easier.

Unique gifts for the dog lover

See how your dog views the world

Gift: Dognition

Price: $79 for one year assessment and membership

Created by scientists, expert trainers and behavioral specialists, this collection of interactive games allows owners to play with their pup and get inside their head. The games measure 5 main areas – empathy, communication, cunning, memory and reasoning – to help owners better understand how their dogs view the world.

DIY dog treat maker

Gift: Dash Mini Dog Treat Maker

Price: $16.99

With this do-it-yourself treat maker, an owner can bake a delicious batch of 6 bones in minutes. Choose from a variety of options from the included recipe guide.

Mapping your mutt

Gift: Animal Blueprint

Price: $110 – $265

Not only is it art, it’s educational, too. This detailed description and illustration of your dog’s breed could be a great addition to any room.

Unique gifts for the cat lover

Custom cat pawtrait

Gift: All Pop Art Cat Portraits

Price: Varies by style

Sometimes having a cat perched on your windowsill isn’t enough. With All Pop Art, you can upload a cat picture, preview a hand-illustrated design and get a custom pet portrait to hang over the fireplace – or wherever you wish.

Your feline can spin the beats

Gift: DJ Cat Scratching Pad

Price: $35

Cat owners will get a free DJ for their next party and cats will keep busy, too. No more scratching the furniture; from now on, it’s only records.

Let out those Santa Claws

Gift: Petlinks ™ Twinkle Chute Tunnel Cat Toy

Price: $16.98

Let your cats get into the holiday spirit too. This twinkling light tunnel is sure to be a hit, and it will accent holiday decor.

Unique gifts for the bird lover

Pack up your parakeet

Gift: Pak-o-Birds

Price: $195+

For those who have a hard time being away from their winged friends, this soft-sided carrier includes a perch and multiple straps for easy transport. It can even be seat belted in for car rides.

A bird bowling alley without the bumpers

Gift: Birdie Bowling

Price: $19.99

Who wouldn’t want a personal bowling alley? This attachable birdcage toy will keep birds physically and mentally stimulated for hours – and likely keep owners entertained as well.

Piñata party for your parrot

Gift: You & Me Fiesta Piñatas Foraging Bird Toy

Price: $9.99, Small

Birds will have a fun time picking and pulling these festive piñatas for food.

Want some more gift ideas? Before you make a purchase, learn about which types of pet toys are the safest.

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