Airport Travel Stats to Know Before You Go [Infographic]

March 24, 2015
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Have you ever wondered why so many flights get delayed? Or how much luggage is lost at airports each year? Find the answers to those questions and more in our infographic that highlights the most common airport problems you may encounter before take-off.

infographic describing airport obstacles by the numbers

statistics about flight delays
statistics about passengers denied boarding
statistic about lost luggage
list of the top causes of flight delays
list of airline fees
list of top airline customer service complaints
statistics about the top reasons for flight cancellations

Airport Obstacles — By The Numbers

Nowadays, creating a travel itinerary is the easy part. Getting to your destination on time is still up in the air.

icon of passenger with luggage

Ticket Desk

Airline fees can add up

Flight change $150
Unaccompanied minor $25 – $150
Second bag $15 – $50
Seat selection $5 – $15


icon of passenger in seat

Waiting Area 1

Flight delays

1/4 of US flights are delayed

Time matters in the likelihood of a delay:

  • 6am – 12% of flights delayed
  • 6pm – 30% of flights delayed


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Waiting Area 2

Top causes of delays

Late Arriving Aircraft 35.8%
Air Carrier Delay 27%
Weather 20.2%
Volume 8%
Cancelled Flight 5.3%
Diverted Flight 1.3%
Closed Runway 1.3%
Other 1.1%


customer service icon

Customer Service

Top causes for complaints

Flight Problems 40.5%
Baggage 13.5%
Customer Service 11.3%
Ticketing & Boarding 9.3%
Fares 8.2%


luggage icon

Luggage Claim

Lost luggage

2,000,000 Mishandled baggage reports are filed each year


plane takeoff icon

Empty Runway

Flight cancellations

120,000 Flights are cancelled per year

Cancellations have increased due to shortage in pilots and large tarmac delay fines for airlines

Top reasons for cancellations:
  • Mechanical
  • Crew’s duty time expired
  • Extreme weather
  • Lack of aircraft


boarding gate icon

Boarding Gate

Denied boarding

500,000 Passengers were denied boarding last year

Least likely to get bumped:
  • Business class travelers
  • Frequent fliers
  • Travelers who check in first
  • Online check-ins
Most likely to get bumped:
  • Discounted fliers
  • Travelers who check in last

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