The Hottest Gear for Riding Your Motorcycle in the Cold

January 02, 2015

When temperatures skid to below freezing, you don’t need to garage your motorcycle until spring. You just need gear and gadgets designed for cold-weather riding. Like these:


Rather than pile on the layers, get better layers. Motorcycle gear with innovative materials, used by the likes of BMW and Rukka, adapt to the weather to keep you warm on the road.

Change Technology

Inspired by the pine cone, which opens and closes to protect its seeds from the cold, this material reacts to changes in environmental and body temperature. When it’s colder, heat retention increases, and vice versa.  This techno fabric is used in cutting-edge motorcycle jackets and pants.

Outlast Technology

Outlast works directly on your skin, providing an inner liner for jackets, gloves and pants. Developed to help astronauts handle extreme temperatures in space, the fabric gauges body temperature and releases heat back to your body when you’re cold – warming you only when you need it.


Check out these cold-weather accessories below that attach to your bike.

Grip Warmers

Heated grips fit onto the bike’s existing handlebars to warm your mitts. Both Heat Demon Motorcycle Grip Warmers and Oxford Heaterz Premium Sport Motorcycle Heated Grips, for example, offer five heat levels and are easy to install.

DIY Heated Seats

Heated seats aren’t just for cars. The Check Corporation Motorcycle Seat Heaters warm up in seconds and fit the majority of motorcycle seats. Another option, the Sargent’s Heated Seat Kit, comes with a digital remote to vary seat temperature. While other seat warmers typically offer only high and low settings, Sargent’s offers a variety of levels and can maintain a consistent temperature.

Polycarbonate Windshields

Installing a windshield on your motorcycle offers increased protection from winter elements. For the utmost protection, invest in a motorcycle windshield made of polycarbonate material – built to withstand the strongest winds. Get a glimpse:

Wing Deflectors

Mounted beneath your side-view mirrors, wing deflectors stream warm air towards you and cool air away when you ride in low temperatures.

Getting equipped with the proper seasonal gear can extend your riding season and protect you from mother nature. Learn how motorcycle insurance can further ensure your safety on the road.

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