🏠 Final Walk Through Checklist for New Homeowners

Final walk through

It’s official: You’re going to be a homeowner. Now comes a critical step – making sure every room, wall and appliance is in tip-top shape and just the way you agreed upon with the seller before closing. Having a thorough new homeowner’s checklist beforehand can help ensure that you have your bases covered when inspecting a house during a final walkthrough. All in all, you should confirm that everything is in working order and the house is in the same condition as it was when you last saw it – with the exception of any changes you negotiated in the contract.

Print out this final walk through checklist PDF to stay organized.

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Some initial things to make sure of:

  • Are all items you’ve purchased with the house still present?
  • Has all personal property and unwanted items been removed according to the terms of your contract?
  • Have all necessary repairs been made to your satisfaction?
  • Have you received the associated warranties/bills for these repairs?
  • Is the house clean overall?
  • Is there any damage to the walls, floors or other areas caused by movers?
  • Is there any visible pet damage to walls or floors?
  • Are there any signs of mold or water damage (particularly near appliances and windows)?
  • Are there signs of pest infestations (dry rot, spongy floors, crumbling timbers etc.)?

Now you can get into the specifics:


  • Is the stove working (burners and oven)?
  • Is the refrigerator working?
  • Is the microwave working?
  • Can the dishwasher complete a full cycle?
  • Do the washer and dryer work properly?
  • Is the garbage disposal working?


  • Do all of the light switches and outlets work?
  • Are any switch plate covers damaged or missing?
  • Is there any exposed wiring?
  • Does the doorbell work?
  • Does the garage door open and close properly?
  • Do the exhaust fans work in both the kitchen and bathroom?
  • Do the ceiling fans work?


  • Do the toilets flush properly (do they run or leak)?
  • Do the sinks, bathtubs and showers drain properly?
  • Is the water pressure sufficient?
  • Are there signs of leaking near faucets?


  • Does the heating system work properly?
  • Does the air conditioning unit work properly?
  • Does the thermostat work?


  • Are there any signs of condensation or fog near double-pane windows?
  • Are any windows broken or missing screens?
  • Do all windows open and close properly?
  • Do all doors open and close properly?
  • Do the locks and latches work?


  • Have the spaces been cleared out and emptied?
  • Are there any signs of exposed plumbing?
  • Are there any signs of pests?


  • Is landscaping as you remembered?
  • Do the sprinklers work?

If you spot any issues during your final walk through, don’t hesitate to share them with your real estate agent. Immediately communicating problems you detect could help make sure you’re appropriately compensated for any uncompleted repairs or recent damage that may have occurred when the previous owners were moving out.

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