Green Motorcycles Grow in Popularity

Green motorcycles

Motorcycles appeal to riders for a number of different reasons, not the least of which is environmental – a motorcycle is simply more efficient when it comes to gas consumption.

Electric motorcycles are getting sleeker and faster

Today, those who want to “go green” have even more choices because electric motorcycles are becoming more popular. They’ve come into their own, both in terms of style and technology, and offer a greener, quieter ride without sacrificing the street cred that comes with a sleek and sporty design.

In fact, today’s bikes are rivaling some of the gas-powered superbikes, both in style and performance. Some new models being rolled out have better zero-to-60 acceleration than their gas-powered counterparts because they don’t have a clutch and can, as a result, access full torque instantly.

With so much style, power and handling available – and the promise of never having to hit the gas pump again – many buyers are quickly sold on the idea. They offer a quieter ride and they require much less maintenance since they don’t have conventional engines.

But before you purchase, there are a few things to take into consideration.

Home on the range

For any electric vehicle, one of the biggest factors in the buying decision is range. Motorcycle enthusiasts who want to ride their bike across the country probably aren’t lining up to get an electric model; although bike makers are finding ways to increase the amount of range in their bikes, there’s still a significant amount of work to be done in this area. Batteries simply can’t store the same amount of energy as a tank of gas, and that puts some limits on drivers.

You can now buy electric motorcycles with a range of more than 100 miles, but remember that driving conditions and how you drive the bike will affect how much range you get out of a single charge. Faster, more aggressive driving will drop your efficiency and use up more power, requiring more frequent recharging.

Electric bikes can take hours to reach a full charge, which means you want to be aware of how far you plan to drive on a single charge as well as the kind of riding you’re going to do for the day. Nothing puts a damper on a day of fun like a dead bike battery.

Plugging into change

Until very recently, the electric motorcycle market has been primarily owned by outsiders entering the bike market. But at least two mainstream motorcycle companies are recognizing the growing interest and have plug-in bikes in production.

Watch for the market to continue growing and, as it does, look for electric motorcycles with greater range, faster charging and even more reasons to make you put your conventional bike out to pasture.


Of course, as with conventional motorcycles, you’ll want to make sure you have the proper insurance before you hit the road, so contact your Nationwide insurance agent and find out which motorcycle coverage is right for you.