4 Halloween Driving Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Halloween driving safety tips

There’s a lot of information instructing children to be safe during Halloween. However, with pedestrian-vehicle collisions being four times more likely on Halloween, it’s important to highlight some Halloween safety tips for adults. As drivers, we have a responsibility to follow traffic safety advice and help keep children safe on Halloween.

1. Slow down

On their list of Halloween safety tips for drivers, the National Safety Council recommends driving below the speed limit in a residential area, especially during peak trick-or-treating hours, as there will be more children on the street.

2. Turn on your headlights

Make your vehicle more visible by ensuring that your lights are on, even during daylight. Having your lights on will also help you see children in dark colored costumes, which are difficult to see in the dark.

3. Eliminate distractions

Cellphone use can interrupt your concentration while driving, so turn it off or hit the mute button. The simple task of changing radio stations can also take your eyes off the road. Instead, have your passenger turn the dial for you or wait until you reach a red light if you’re driving alone.

4. Have a designated driver

Halloween is not just for kids – adults can also join in on the fun. If you’re planning to drink, make sure you already have a designated driver in mind before you attend that party.

Following these Halloween driving safety tips can help you keep the streets safe on October 31. If you’ll be trick or treating with young children, make sure you follow these Halloween safety tips.