5 Best Indoor Plants That Are Great for Apartments [Video]

December 13, 2019
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Having virtually no yard maintenance is one appealing benefit of apartment living. But while this lifestyle is convenient, you may find yourself wanting a little more greenery in your home. Bringing the outdoors in is an easy way to enliven your apartment.

Even small spaces have room for a bit of nature, and adding a plant instantly transforms your space. But which plants do best in small spaces and are easy to care for? Here are five indoor plants for apartments.


Are you looking for a tropical showstopper that makes a statement? The philodendron is an easy-care apartment plant for those who may not have a green thumb but want some extra horticultural drama.

With its sprawling, glossy leaves, it isn’t too difficult to care for and thrives in indirect light conditions. You also don’t need to water it every day; simply let the soil dry out in between waterings.

There are two types of philodendron: climbing and non-climbing. Although “non-climbing” might sound best for an apartment, these philodendrons can be twice as wide as they are tall. A climbing variety grows up, not out, so it can actually be better for a smaller space.

Lemon tree[2]

With its summery scent, delicate flowers and bright fruit, a lemon tree can become a colorful and unique focal point in your apartment. These plants do have some specific care needs, but the results are worth it. Before choosing to bring a lemon tree home, make sure you can replicate the humid, sunny environment that citrus plants thrive in.

Choose a dwarf variety or ask your local nursery how large the plant will become to ensure it’ll fit in your space. Place it in a very bright, sunny area and rotate the tree regularly so it gets even exposure; it’s almost impossible for the lemon to get too much light. Mist the plant’s foliage in addition to watering, and be sure there’s good drainage from the pot. The Meyer lemon tree is an ideal variety for an apartment.


You don’t need a flowering plant to bring a whole rainbow of hues into your home. Gorgeous, fiery colors draw the eye to this low-maintenance apartment plant. With a decidedly tropical look, this petite, leafy shrub brings an exotic feel to any space. The splashy leaves turn a variety of colors, including green, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink and white — often all on the same plant.

A croton needs plenty of sunlight, so choose a spot near a window that gets light throughout the day. Full sun is important to develop its color range. Water the plant to maintain moist soil, but avoid overwatering during spring and summer, which is the croton’s growth period. Ask your local nursery for help choosing a dwarf variety; some crotons can grow to 10 feet in height.

Silver vase[4]

The silver vase plant might remind you of a pineapple with a cluster of flowers in a very hip shade of blush pink — it is a member of the pineapple family, after all. This flowering plant is slow to bloom, but its beauty, including its stretching, silvery-green leaves, is the reward.

The silver vase thrives in normal indoor temperatures and should be placed out of direct sunlight. Water to keep the soil moist in a pot that drains well to avoid root rot.

It’s important to note that the silver vase isn’t a perennial. Once its remarkable pink flower blooms, it won’t create another. However, the large flower will stick around for several months before dying off.


Lavender is both beautiful and fragrant with its cheerful purple flowers and soothing, herbaceous scent. It’s also a deterrent for many pests.

A highly sunny spot is perfect for this plant, but it can also thrive under bright indoor lights. Keep it watered, but remember that lavender doesn’t need water every day. It does best in rocky, quickly draining soil. To ensure even exposure to sunlight, rotate the plant a quarter-turn clockwise each time you water.

When you’re choosing apartment plants, you have more options than you may think. Take note of the sunny spots in your apartment and the space available near these areas. Consider the type of light — is it bright but indirect, or sunny and fully lit? Choose plants that’ll thrive in your space and are easy to care for to enjoy the ambiance without any hassle.

Does your apartment have a balcony? If so, it’s easy to raise more varieties of plants — even those that are edible. Learn more about growing vegetables indoors, on your patio or balcony.


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