Seven Ways to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

January 03, 2019
adjusting thermostat to keep house cool

These hints will help you reduce energy use along with the temperature.

As summer arrives, many people think, “Thank goodness for air conditioning.” That is, until the bill for cranking the A/C arrives.

Fortunately, there are many energy-efficient ways to keep your house cool. Beat the heat this summer with these home cooling tips.

1. Choose an energy-efficient system

If you’re buying a cooling system, choose one that’s ENERGY STAR rated. If you already have A/C, get your system professionally inspected and cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions to keep it operating at its best.

2. Change your filters

Furnace filters should be changed every month or two. Have your air ducts checked for leaks, and make sure vents aren’t blocked by furniture, appliances or other objects. A bit of maintenance can make a big difference.

3. Insulate your home

Adding attic insulation is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to cool your home. Consider adding insulation to your walls, too, if needed.

4. Keep the sun out

Close window draperies or shades on the east, south and west windows during the day. Outdoors, consider adding overhangs, awnings, shade screens, bushes and trees, which filter out sunlight.

5. Open the windows

Weather, allergies and security permitting, turn off the A/C and open windows for cross-ventilation when it’s not as hot, especially at night.

6. Use the ceiling fan

Keep your house cool with a breeze from your ceiling fans. However, avoid using ventilating fans, like those in kitchens and bathrooms, very often. Running them for just an hour can pull all the cool air out of the house.

7. Adjust your thermostats

Set thermostats at 76º F or higher during the day, if people are home, and a few degrees higher at night or when you’re away from home. Every degree you dial up can save energy—and money.

Bonus: It’s a myth—don’t crank the AC

It’s a common misconception, but setting the temperature lower than normal will not cool down the room faster. But it will make the unit work harder so it will use more energy.

To save money, try to keep consistent temperatures throughout your home.

Of course your home isn’t the only place you have to be worried about keeping cool this summer. Check out ways you can beat the heat in your car, how you can prevent your pet from overheating, and how to stay safe in extreme heat.

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