4 Easy Tips to Declutter Your House

December 21, 2017
Couple packing moving boxes

Are you looking to declutter your life? The best place to start is with your home.

Piles of stuff can make you feel boxed in, and purging your house of unnecessary objects can improve your outlook and make it easier to enjoy spending time around the house, whether you just a neater space or are in the process of downsizing. But decluttering a home can feel daunting unless you have a plan.

You may want to tackle small tasks first, build a sense of accomplishment and then move on to bigger projects. You may even want to set several goals. Whatever you decide, here are four ways to get started on decluttering.

1. Use a four-bin system

To start eliminating clutter, go through your home room by room with four bins: keep, toss, donate and store. In the “keep” bin you’ll put items you want to keep but need to put in a new place. The “toss” bin goes to the garbage, the “donate” bin receives items other people can use and the “store” bin is for those things that you don’t use frequently but want to keep.

2. Clear flat surfaces in the kitchen

Clear off flat surfaces in your kitchen, including your countertops, tables and more obscure spots like the top of your refrigerator and microwave.

You’ll want to remove everything that you don’t use on a daily basis. File the pile of bills and other papers. Consider placing a toaster you use once a month in a cupboard and paring down the dozen cookbooks you’ve been keeping on top of the refrigerator to just your favorites.

3. Declutter bedroom closets

Bedroom closets tend to be a catchall. Many people toss what they don’t need or don’t have time to hang up into their closets. Take some time to organize and determine what you no longer wear or use.

One possible strategy: Remove everything from your closet shelves, wipe them down and then make decisions about what to do with various objects before you start replacing things.

If you haven’t worn something in your closet for a year or more, consider placing it in the Donate bin. Be decisive, but don’t be afraid to hang on to a few key sentimental pieces if they mean a lot to you, either.

4. Free the entryway

When you first walk into your home, do you trip on a pile of shoes? Are dozens of coats piled on a table? If your entryway is cluttered, it makes your house feel unkempt. Coat and shoe racks can solve this problem. You might also make a rule to limit shoes and coats to those needed for a season, the rest can be stored away too.

If you’re decluttering in a hurry, be sure to check out these quick house cleaning tips.

When your home is decluttered, it’s even easier to enjoy spending time in this peaceful, relaxing space. Find a homeowners insurance policy that’s tailored to your unique needs to increase your peace of mind even further.

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