Lock the Door on Theft – Home Security Tips [Infographic]

September 21, 2017
illustration of text 'lock the door on theft'

Did you know that one home is broken into every 14.6 seconds? Home break-in crimes may be more common than you think, but taking certain precautions before you leave the house (and while you’re in it) can greatly reduce your risk of a burglary attempt. The infographic below shows a few surprising stats about break-ins and essential home safety tips and security information that can help you protect what’s important to you.

Lock the Door on Theft - Home Security Tips [Infographic]

If you’d like to take steps to prevent burglary attempts, use these theft prevention tips and our other Safety & Care tips to create a home safety checklist. It’s also important to protect your home and belongings with a homeowners insurance policy to help cover you in the event of theft, vandalism, and more.

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