How to Remove Love Bugs from Your Car

Car with top down

While love bug season may sound romantic, it’s anything but. About this time of year, those pesky black and red flies begin appearing on your car’s windshield, grille or hood. And since their bodies are acidic, love bugs can eventually damage your vehicle’s finish. Learn how to get rid of love bugs with these simple tips:

5 Simple Steps to Rid Your Car of Love Bugs

1. To make their splatter easier to remove, completely soak the bug-laden area with water. If the bugs are especially plentiful, apply a light layer of baby oil to further loosen them.

2. Lightly scrub the area with a wet dryer sheet.

3. Rinse often and use new dryer sheets.

4. Scrub until they’re gone.

5. Clean off any leftover love bug residue, then wash and rinse your car.

Additional tips

Other ways to protect your car from love bugs:

  • A light coating of cooking spray on the side mirrors will make it easier to remove love bugs later.
  • Waxing your car can protect it from the bugs’ splatter.
  • Keep bugs off of the radiator with a bug screen both outside and inside the grille.
  • Driving slowly will help avoid hitting large swarms of bugs.

Love bugs aren’t the only unique challenge that comes with the warm weather. Learn what to look for on the roads and how to drive safely this spring with these helpful tips.