Five Last-Minute Travel Tips

Pit stop on a last-minute vacation.

If you are thinking about a last-minute trip, follow these tips with things to do before you leave your house or apartment:

1. Check your credit card balance

Before any trip, you should check online for any pending transactions as well as your current balance. Inform the issuing bank about where your credit card will be used. Otherwise, USA Today says they might think there is fraud and cancel all of your transactions.

2. Pay the bills

Pay your phone, electricity, Internet, insurance and cable bills to avoid any headaches when you come back from vacation. Sometimes it might take days to restore utilities, and you don’t want to be caught without insurance coverage when there is a problem. Plan your budget in advance by using our credit card calculator to estimate how quickly you can pay off your bill.

3. Visit the doctor

Even if you are not sick, the CDC recommends you make an appointment with your doctor before you travel.

4. Clean up

Defrost the refrigerator and take out any food that might expire. Unplug all electronics and turn off the air conditioner (or the heat to 60-65 degrees if you are traveling in winter). This will save you on your next monthly bill and further reduce the small chance of an electrical fire in case of flooding or other disaster. Of course, you should also empty the trash and water the plants.

5. Call a friend or family member

Someone needs to know you are going away – especially if it’s a last-minute vacation. Tell a close relative and leave a spare of keys with them. To be extra safe, you might also want to read how to prevent burglary while you’re away.

  • Rohit Manaktala

    You’ve still got to keep the heat on at atleast 60-65F. It’s recommended for the water pipes in the winters and some realtors (including Nationwide!) include it as a clause on the lease agreement.