Maximize Your Savings With CD Laddering

Earn more interest and still have access to your money.

Certificates of deposit often give you a better rate of return than other savings accounts. You choose a term—typically from three months to five years—and when your CD matures, you get your money back plus the interest it earned.

With most banks, you’ll get a better interest rate on a five-year CD than on a three-month one. But what if you don’t want your money tied up for five years? What if CD rates go up in six months and you’re locked in at a lower rate? That’s where CD laddering can help.

CD laddering is a great way to earn more interest and still have access to your money.

How it works
Let’s say you have $10,000 that you want to save. Rather than opening a five-year CD with all of your money, you would put:

  • $2,000 into a one-year CD
  • $2,000 into a two-year CD
  • $2,000 into a three-year CD
  • $2,000 into a four-year CD
  • $2,000 into a five-year CD

This is your CD ladder. At the end of the first year, you would use the money from your mature 1-year CD to open a five-year CD. This allows you to get the best rate offered at that time. Do the same thing every year when your next CD matures. Remember, with terms like, 3, 6, 9 and 18 months, you can access your funds even more frequently if you need to.

Benefits of CD laddering
CD laddering is a smart way to save for two reasons:

  1. By choosing the longest term available when you renew your CD, you will earn more interest.
  2. You’ll have more frequent access to your funds, which can help you budget and avoid early withdrawal fees.

Find out how CD laddering works for your situation. Use our CD laddering calculator to type in your numbers. Then open your own CD ladder with Nationwide Bank.

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