Find the Best City for Your Budget [Infographic]

Where in the United States does your hard-earned dollar go the farthest? There’s an answer: McAllen, Texas. According to the Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER), the price of goods and services in McAllen is just 80% of the national average. It’s all relative: “average” Americans, living in places like Pittsburgh and Fargo pay more than they do in McAllen—but far less than in New York, Honolulu or San Francisco.

We’ve distilled the C2ER data to give you the most affordable cities by region, and included a few extra tips that can inform your choice of where to live. This is just a starting point, we recommend doing research on a city’s culture and amenities before making a move.

Find the Best City for Your Budget [Infographic]

Expert lists like the 3 referenced above can be tremendously helpful when scouting out a new place to live. Here are some useful links to the lists we mentioned, and a few more we didn’t:

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