8 Ways to Reuse Things in Your Home

March 19, 2018
woman pouring liquid in cup

If you’re looking for ways to save money, learning how to reuse household items is a good place to start. These eight common items can work double-duty, stretching their usefulness and your dollar.

1. Cereal bags

When you finish your favorite breakfast cereal, keep the plastic bag and reuse it like wax paper to separate hamburger patties before freezing them or to wrap sandwiches for your lunch. These bags also are effective for keeping lettuce and other leafy vegetables crisp, and you can use them as reusable snack bags.

2. Berry boxes

Plant spring bulbs in empty berry boxes and bury them in the ground. The boxes keep unwanted animals from eating your soon-to-be-flowers, which means you won’t have to pay to have your landscaping redone frequently.

3. Plastic food containers

When it comes to reusing things, food containers are a no-brainer. Items like butter tubs and yogurt containers come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for a range of foods, from sandwiches and fruit. Some have tight enough seals to accommodate soups and liquids. You can also reuse some take-out containers.

4. Dryer sheets

Reuse dryer sheets to dust off electronics. Because dryer sheets reduce static cling, they can keep electronics free of dust longer. Plus, you can eliminate the need for dusting products. Keep your old dryer sheets in a gallon-size bag and grab them as needed.

5. Cassette cases

If you’re really looking for a “how to reuse things” challenge, dig out the old cassette tapes. Cassette cases are largely a vestige of old music formats. But if you have some around, you can turn the cases into gift card holders. Add a little construction paper and a personalized “Happy Birthday” note to dress up the case, and you’ve got a unique gift.

6. Wine corks

Repurpose your wine corks to silence cupboards. Cut a cork into small, thin pieces, and glue the pieces on the inside corners of cupboard doors to keep them from slamming shut.

7. Egg cartons

Egg cartons have a specialized purpose, but their oval-shaped compartments are also well-suited for storing even the most fragile holiday ornaments safely. For extra security, tie strings or run rubber bands around the width of the container.

8. Plastic bottles

Rather than buying expensive pots and planters for a garden, use plastic beverage bottles. Set the bottle on its side, cut an opening in the middle, fill it with dirt and add a plant. Vary the size and shape of the bottles to accommodate different types of plants. You can even attach cords or chains to create hanging planters with different levels of bottles arranged horizontally.

These creative uses of household items can help you get more bang for your buck. But did you know that the things around your house can also help you clean creatively? Check out these 15 home cleaning hacks.

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