Media coverage: Nationwide’s switch to permanent work-from-home model

Broadcast Coverage:


4/30: KDNL: Nationwide Changes

4/30: WTTE News: Nationwide shifting to work-from-home

4/30: WSYX Good Day Columbus 6 a.m. (aired twice): Working from home after the pandemic

4/30: WSYX Good Day Columbus 5 a.m.: Nationwide Changes

4/30: KCCI News at 5 a.m.: Permanent Transition

4/29: WSYX News at 11: Nationwide Changes

4/29: WTTE News at 10: Nationwide Changes

4/29: KCCI News at 6: Permanent transition

4/29: WSYX News at 5 (Broadcast): Work-from-home isn’t ending



5/4: WLS Chicago (aired 19 times): Nationwide making remote work permanent

  • Appeared on radio stations in Reno, NV; San Antonio, TX; Dallas, TX; Raleigh, NC; Albany, NY; Salisbury, MD; Detroit, MI; New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA


5/1: WHKT: Nationwide shifting workers


5/1: WTVN: CBF’s Mark Somerson talks about shift to WFH


4/30: WTVN (aired four times): Nationwide shifting to hybrid work from home model