7 PWC Accessories to Consider

With your personal watercraft in tow, you’re ready to hit the water. But before you meet the waves, make sure you consider the latest accessories and gear. We’ve rounded up some here: 

1. Waterproof case

Even if your cellphone is waterproof, it probably won’t float if dropped in the water. A floating, waterproof case can protect your keys, phone and wallet. 

2. Folding paddle

If you run out of fuel or your PWC breaks down, you may have to paddle back to shore. A folding paddle is a wise investment.

3. Traction mats

If your PWC doesn’t have traction mats to help grip your footwear, you may find your feet slipping and sliding. Consider customizing your PWC with a high-quality traction mat. Learn how to remove and install PWC traction mats.

4. PWC Cover 

A quality cover can protect your watercraft from the elements while it’s being towed and during storage in the off-season. Keeping it under wraps can safeguard its finish as well as the mechanicals. 

5. Life jacket 

While most states require PWC riders to wear life jackets, it’s simply wise and practical to wear one when you’re riding. Make sure your life jacket is made specifically for personal watercraft operation.

6. Riding goggles 

Regular sunglasses usually don’t give you the protection you need when on your PWC. Riding goggles offer better UV protection, a more secure fit and a clearer view.  

7. Anchor 

No dock in sight? Drop an anchor a few feet from shore to avoid scratching the bottom of your watercraft on sand or rocks.


Before ramping up your comfort and safety with these accessories, be sure to safeguard your PWC. Learn more about protecting your watercraft with Nationwide personal watercraft insurance.