RV Accessories to Consider Before You Hit the Road

RV at night

Buying a recreational vehicle can be an exciting purchase, but don’t forget the accessories. Here are some of the essentials:

10 Items for Your RV

1. Wheel chocks –  These wedges are placed against the wheels of the RV and help to keep it steady and stable.

2. Sewer hose – You may find the hoses that come with your RV are too short; longer ones are usually more useful.

3. Water filter – A water filter can prevent chlorine, sulfur and other chemicals from seeping into holding tanks and water lines.

4. Water pressure regulator – Campgrounds often have various levels of water pressure that can cause damage to your RV’s water hose, pump or internal lines and even flooding – situations that may be prevented by a pressure regulator.

5. Power cord adapters – Having a variety of electrical adapters on hand, including a 30A-15A, 30A-50A and a 50A-30A, give you more options to stay powered up at a campground.

6. Coaxial cable – Accessing cable TV at a campground usually requires a coaxial cable at least 25 feet long.

7. Clothes storage/accessories – When hanging clothes in a moving RV to dry, use felt hangers to keep them from falling. If closet space is minimal, invest in plastic storage boxes as well.

8. Solar panels – Solar panel systems can help you to maintain a charged battery and keep your electronics fully powered.

9. LED lights – LED bulbs give off less heat than traditional light bulbs, better withstand vibration and usually last longer.

10. Wide-screen GPS – A wide-screen navigation system can be easier to view, especially when you’re traveling to new destinations.


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