An Inventory of Your Life

The things you value are part of your everyday life – so much so that you might not even be able to list them if they weren’t there. That’s the value of a home inventory. Making a detailed list of … Continued

Why Do You Need a Home Inventory List?

A home inventory list provides you with a safety net in case your valuables are lost, stolen or damaged. Sure, we’ve all misplaced something in our homes (your favorite shirt disappears or you can’t find the book you were reading), or broken things on occasion (various dishes and glassware over the years), but we are talking about your big-ticket items like expensive electronics and jewelry. When these items are lost, stolen or damaged, you’ll want to file a homeowners insurance claim. If your property is well documented, it will speed the process and ensure you don’t forget to make claims on any of your valuable items.

Take a Home Inventory

You purchase insurance to be ready for anything, but to be truly prepared and fully covered, you need to know what you’re insuring at home. Sure, you could come up with a ballpark estimate of how much the items in your home are worth, but the real number could be a lot higher. That means you may need more coverage than you realize.