5 Surprising Reasons You Need Life Insurance

A key benefit of life insurance is it can provide enough money to help family members stay in their homes, even funding living expenses as well as debt left behind so the survivors have less financial stress during this difficult … Continued

Are you insuring your biggest asset?

What’s your biggest asset? Your home? Your car? Many Americans don’t realize they have failed to protect their biggest asset: their income.

Life Insurance Income Replacement [Infographic]

A sound financial plan should include an appropriate amount of life insurance. Protect your loved ones by making sure your life insurance plan can replace the income your family needs to maintain its standard of living.

Saving Money on Life Insurance

Ways to keep your finances in as great a shape as you. Like any financial contract, life insurance has its complexities, especially when you begin comparing the particulars of one policy versus another. While understanding your policy’s fine print is … Continued

How Life Insurance Can Help You Right Now

Death benefits aren’t the only way life insurance may help your family’s finances. Life insurance often seems pretty straightforward: You buy a policy and pay a premium to keep it active. Upon your death, your beneficiaries receive the income tax-free … Continued

Why Life Insurance Matters

When the unthinkable happens, life insurance is a key to the future. Before his office opened on April 30, Nationwide agent Nathan Nixon saw a car pull up to the Hayes-Rasbury Insurance Agency in Birmingham, Ala. A young woman in … Continued