The Top Animal Holidays This Summer

Dog catching Frisbee.

Did you answer your cat’s question on National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day? It was January 22, in case you missed it this year. But don’t worry – there are plenty of animal holidays coming up.

Here are the top animal holidays this summer:

  • June 1-30: Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month – Consider giving an abandoned cat a home, and learn what it’s like to save a small, fuzzy life.
  • June 9: World Pet Memorial Day – Celebrate the memory of past pets by volunteering at your local animal shelter or donating to an animal charity.
  • June 21: Take Your Dog to Work Day – Some pet-friendly offices allow your pup to hang out in the workplace – just don’t forget to ask your boss first.
  • July 10: Don’t Step on a Bee Day – Don’t wait for July; feel free to celebrate whenever you’re barefoot outdoors.
  • July 14: Shark Awareness Day – Shark Awareness Day promotes shark hunting and poaching awareness, specifically the cruel practice of harvesting of shark fins.
  • July 15: I Love Horses Day – You don’t have to own a horse to participate; check out a local petting zoo or watch a few reruns of Mr. Ed.
  • August 4-10: International Assistance Dog Week – Take a moment to recognize service dogs whose many jobs include guiding the blind, sniffing for bombs and patrolling the slopes.
  • August 10: Spoil Your Dog Day – Go to the dog park, buy a new toy or bake your pup some homemade dog treats.
  • August 18: International Homeless Animals Day – This day was created to raise awareness of pet overpopulation and to encourage “adopt-a-thons, spay/neuter clinics and microchip clinics.”
  • August 26: National Dog Day – It’s strange that man’s best friend gets one day while sharks get a whole week. Celebrate this day with your pup’s favorite activities.

If you’re a cat person, you probably noticed that these summer holidays are pretty dog-centric. Are there any feline celebrations we missed? And what are your favorite animal holidays?