What Color Should I Repaint My Classic Car?

December 21, 2016
classic Mercedes car

Cars come in all shapes, sizes and colors these days, but that wasn’t always the case. Antique or vintage car enthusiasts know that color plays a big role in a car’s authenticity. So if you’re restoring an antique, you’ll want to give the topic careful consideration.

Of course, it’s your car, so you can paint it whatever color you like. Experts say that what you plan to do with the car will affect your color choice.

For example, if you’re restoring the car with the intention of selling it, you’ll want to keep it as authentic as possible. You wouldn’t think of installing a CD player in an antique car or adding a navigation system, so the same kind of authenticity should go into its paint scheme.

Vintage car color considerations

Keep in mind, though, there’s no hard and fast rule about automotive colors. If you’re a collector who always wished the 1953 Oldsmobile 88 had come in a bright Panama Yellow like the 1956 Corvette, there’s really nothing that keeps you from making that cosmetic change. If you’re going to hold onto the car and aren’t concerned with resale value, you have the freedom and flexibility to restore it any way you want instead of holding it to an appraiser’s (or buyer’s) standards.

In some cases, maybe you’re not sure what color you want the car to be but you’re not satisfied with its current color. In that case, it’s good to look at what other owners have done. Social media boards such as Pinterest and Instagram are good visual starting points to see what’s out there.

Another good way to get ideas about what colors might work with your vehicle is to go to a few car shows. It will give you insight into what other owners have done. Or it might change your mind about changing the color.

Most importantly, keep in mind that of all the work that goes into restoring a car, the paint is one thing that is the easiest to change. Although it’s costly and time-consuming, it’s certainly simpler than changing an interior and, unlike making modifications to the body, it’s reversible.

Once you choose the perfect paint scheme, make sure you choose the right vintage car coverage.

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