Is Remote Start Bad for Your Car?

May 12, 2023
Unlocking car with a remote start key.

Are you shopping for a new car and considering one with a remote start? If this is your first experience with a remote start vehicle, you might be wondering whether it’s safe for the car. If the remote start system is installed by a vetted professional, it is typically very safe. Here are some common worries and misconceptions about remote start cars that can help you make a decision. [1]

Why remote start is useful

Not only are remote start vehicles safe, but they’re much more comfortable when you drive in the summer or winter. In extreme temperatures, you can use remote start to cool or heat up your car (including the steering wheel and seats) before you get in and drive. This makes for a much more enjoyable ride for you and your passengers. [2]

Does remote start harm your engine?

There are 2 schools of thought regarding whether remote start is bad for your car. Some automotive experts claim that using remote start to preheat your car in the winter can wear down an engine over time. Other professionals think that preheating your car allows your engine’s oil to heat up and limits the strain on your engine. Regardless of which school of thought you fall into, the debate is over engine wear from starting your car in general, not how you start your car. There is ultimately no difference to the engine between turning the key to start your car or doing it remotely. [3]

Does remote start damage your battery?

In general, it’s a myth that a remote starter can damage a vehicle’s battery. Whether you start your car remotely or manually, the process doesn’t change. However, if your car didn’t come with a remote starter and you want to put one in yourself, an improper installation can cause battery and electrical system issues. [3]

Does remote start lead to car theft?

Many people assume that remote start makes a car easier to steal, which is a common misconception. In reality, vehicle theft is prevented by automatic locking features and an automatic shut-off feature that turns off your car after idling for 10 minutes. Lastly, without a key, the engine shuts off if the break is pressed —meaning even if someone brakes into your running vehicle, they can’t drive it away. [4]

Should I use a remote car starter?

Remote car starters can make your life more convenient. Use the information in this article to make an informed decision as to whether they are right for you. After you’ve purchased a new or used car, make sure you protect it and yourself with quality auto insurance.


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