Winter Car Tips: Driving, Maintenance & Road Safety

Driving through a winter wonderland may be enchanting, but it can also be dangerous for you and your car. Black ice, snowdrifts and sudden blizzards can leave you vulnerable and stranded. Check out the articles below to help you prepare for and weather the season.

Frozen car

8 Helpful Safety Tips for Driving in a Snowstorm

You may not always be home when a snowstorm hits. These tips can help you get to your destination safely.

How to ‘Drive to Survive’ the Winter 

Winter roads can be hazardous. Before you head out, prepare your car and follow these winter driving tips.

Heat and defroster in car

How to Winterize Your Car: The Official Checklist

Give your car the love it needs to face icy temperatures with this bumper-to-bumper preparation checklist.

Avoid the Dreaded “Winter Coat”

A coat of mud, salt and dirt on your car may harm its paint. Here’s how to keep your ride clean.

Protect Your Vehicle from Winter Salt and Sand

Salt, sand and ice-melting road chemicals can corrode your car beyond the paint. Here are 7 ways to help keep rust away.

12 Must-Have Winter Emergency Car Kit Items

Winter weather is unpredictable. From blankets to cat litter, make sure these items are in your car in case of a breakdown.

21 Things to Stash in Your Trunk This Winter

Stay full, warm and safe with these stowaway items you may need in a winter auto emergency.