Uncover the Facts Behind Our Most Common Phobias

Common Phobias Facts

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Do you go to great lengths to avoid a particular object or situation because of an extreme fear?

You’re not alone: 13% of the population experiences a phobia of some sort.

One phobia in particular affects an estimated 17 to 21 million people in the U.S. alone – Friday the 13th. But the most feared date on the calendar is only one out of hundreds of phobias.

Phobia Statistics

Lots of people suffer from some of the most common phobias:

Common Phobias Definition % of people affected
Acrophobia Fear of Heights


Arachnophobia Fear of Spiders


Aerophobia Fear of Flying


Astraphobia Fear of Thunder & lightning


Dentophobia Fear of Dentist


So while occasions like Friday the 13th may seem frightening, you and millions of others really have nothing to fear.

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