Moving Checklist: Tips for Moving Out of State

June 22, 2020
Couple picking up moving box

Moving is almost always a process that requires ample planning, but moving to a different state has its own unique challenges. Moving to another state means everything is different — from a new home and school to new doctors and pet groomers. And that’s not to mention the task of boxing up your entire life and transporting it to your destination. To ease the transition, here’s a moving out of state checklist you can use to stay organized.

8 weeks before your move

Your moving out of state checklist starts with thorough planning. Here’s what to do eight weeks before you move:

  1. Plan when you’re moving. Plan the best time to move, noting that summer is typically a more expensive.
  2. Research moving companies. Find, vet and secure a moving company that’s experienced in state-to-state moves.
  3. Book flights. Purchase plane tickets to your new destination if any family members are flying. Book tickets for pets, if necessary.
  4. Sell, donate, or give away unwanted items. Whittle down items you don’t need by selling or donating them. Your neighbors may also have a use for something you don’t need. If you’re selling your home, the buyers might be interested in some items.
  5. Research schools. If you have kids, research the new schools they’ll be attending and find out what you need to do to get them enrolled.
  6. Find packing supplies. Find free boxes from local stores, or purchase boxes and other packing supplies from a local moving-equipment store.

4 weeks before your move

Your moving out of state checklist continues with these tasks scheduled four weeks before you leave:

  1. Start packing. It’s a tedious process, but it’s cheaper to do it yourself. This is a good time to create a home inventory of your belongings for insurance purposes.
  2. Look into moving insurance. Contact your homeowners insurance provider to see if your move is covered in your policy. Consider purchasing moving insurance to protect your belongings while they’re in transit.
  3. Transfer school records. Have school records transferred to the new school. Notify your kids’ current school of your departure and the new school of your arrival.
  4. Obtain medical records. Get your family medical records and your pets’ vet records and pack them in a secure place. Consider ordering multiple copies.
  5. Forward your mail. Change your address with the postal service and forward your mail beginning on the date you move.
  6. Transfer utilities. Have utilities and in-home services start on the date you move.

3 weeks before you move

The move is getting close. Here’s what to do with three weeks left:

  1. Notify your bank. Inform your bank and creditors of your new address.
  2. Order medication. Speak with your doctor about any prescriptions you need and your pets’ veterinarian about medications your pet may need during the move.
  3. Notify your insurance providers. Call your insurance company to manage both your car insurance and homeowners insurance. Keep in mind there may be different insurance rules in the state you’re moving to, and you may need to change coverage limits for elements like auto liability.

2 weeks before you move

With just a couple weeks left before you leave, add these tasks to your moving out of state checklist:

  1. Contact your moving company. Confirm your plans with the moving company. Also confirm the date, time, meeting place and cost.
  2. Start packing essentials items. Make a travel bag for your kids that has all of their essentials and a bag for yourself that includes toiletries, a change of clothes, medications and important documents.
  3. Prepare your pet. Prepare arrangements for your pet to move comfortably.

Day of the move

It’s the big day. Here’s what to do before you head to your new home:

  1. Do a final walkthrough. Do a final check of your home to make sure you haven’t left anything behind. Pack up remaining toiletries, medications towels and clothes.
  2. Leave your keys with your real estate agent. Leave the keys and garage door openers behind with your landlord or real estate agent.
  3. Check-in with the movers. Double-check the delivery address and times with your moving company.

With this moving out of state checklist, you ease the stress of relocation while making sure you don’t overlook the important details. View more moving and packing tips.

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