Seven Midsize Cars Received Superior Ratings for Front Crash Prevention: Did Yours Make the Cut?

Front crash prevention

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s first ratings of frontal crash avoidance systems ranked 7 cars the highest: 2 Cadillacs, a Mercedes-Benz, 2 Suburus and 2 Volvos.

Frontal avoidance systems include:

  • Auto braking features that cause vehicles to slow down or stop on their own, thereby reducing damages to both cars.
  • Forward collision warning can help prevent crashes by alerting drivers they are about to have a front-to-rear collision.

The systems typically add about $1,000 to the cost of a vehicle.

The IIHS staged crashes of 74 midsize vehicles at 12 and 25 mph at the Vehicle Research Center in Ruckersville, VA. They were rated superior, advanced or basic. Models earned up to 5 points on the effectiveness of their brakes and 1 point for having a forward collision warning feature that met National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s criteria.

The following vehicles that were equipped with both features earned the highest marks:

2013-2014 Models Autobrake Points Earned Forward Collision Warning Points Earned
Cadillac ATS sedan 5 1
Cadillac SRX SUV 5 1
Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan 4 1
Subaru Legacy sedan 4 1
Subaru Outback wagon 4 1
Volvo S60 sedan 4 1
Volvo XC60 SUV 4 1

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