What Are Home Automation Systems?

April 04, 2018
home automation

There was a time when opening your garage door from inside your car was the latest in personal technology. Now, an increased number of smart home appliances are making everyday life a little bit easier.

Used alone or together, smart appliances and home automation systems can reduce your energy costs. You can control smart thermostats form your phone, provide home and property surveillance, and even water your plants.

Smart sensors around the house

Smart water sensors monitor your home from the inside. They watch for slow moisture buildup that leads to mold and can also pinpoint the location of leaks. Should a leak be detected, you can get an alert so you can begin repairs before damage gets too expensive.

Cutting-edge smart locks allow you to give family access codes you set yourself. If your child is locked out of the house, you can unlock the door remotely from anywhere.

Home safety gets smarter with Wi-Fi home automation

Security cameras are now small and Wi-Fi-enabled. You can set the system to send alerts to your phone when motion is detected near your cameras. With a few clicks, you can view a live feed of the area.

If you plan to be away, smart light bulbs allow you to set them to turn on and off at certain times. If you’re not sure if you left the lights on after you left for work, check them on your phone. Learn about these 9 Wi-Fi home automation apps that turn your phone into a remote control for your home.

Keep in mind that Wi-Fi home automation can increase the risk of tech-savvy thieves accessing your network. Using unsecured settings increases the risk with each smart device you add to your home. Always make sure you update your password for every Wi-Fi-enabled device in your home, no matter how small and benign.

Ultimately, there’s no place like a smart home. You might even be eligible for a discount on your homeowners insurance policy, depending on the type of home automation system you decide to install. Contact a Nationwide agent today to find out if the devices you’re considering may qualify for lower rates.

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