Commonly Forgotten Moving Expenses to Consider

Many people are aware of typical household moving costs, such as hiring a moving company and renting a truck, but don’t consider things like extra insurance and cleaning costs. Those expenses can be shocking, stressful and add up quickly.

Starting early, doing research and creating a budget can help any move.

Prior to the Move – Planning

First, make a checklist of the items you’ll need throughout your move and develop a budget for those items.

For instance, you’ll need boxes. Buying new moving boxes can be expensive. Instead, ask friends or local stores if they have spare boxes. Some moving companies offer a “take a box, leave a box” section within their stores. And rather than buying lots of packing materials, use newspapers, towels, socks and clothing to wrap valuables.

Move during colder months

If you can, plan your move during colder months. Truck rental and moving companies tend to be more expensive in the warmer months – the traditional moving season. Ask friends who they recommend as movers – and be sure to research qualifications and consumer reviews.

Most moving companies assume liability for 60 cents per pound per article for an interstate or international move. But that’s the maximum and is not guaranteed for lost or damaged items, so it’s smart to buy extra moving insurance for additional protection. Also, be sure to make an inventory of what you’re having moved; taking a quick photo of the item is an easy way to document your belongings. Make sure to review your homeowner policy to see what may or may not be covered.

Don’t forget to add the costs of cleaning the home you’re leaving – things like supplies or even a professional cleaning service that can save you time and effort.

During the move – Organize

If you’re moving long distance, you may be flying or driving a long way to your new home. Add travel expenses like airfare, lodging, food, gas, tolls, etc.

Moving expenses can add up quickly. But when you budget, plan and organize, going from Point A to Point B can go more smoothly and be less stressful.